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A Hunters Paradise...

With over 30 years of experience, Allan and Wayne are some of the best PH's in Namibia when it comes to Big Game Hunting.

Come and join us around the campfire and hear Allan's legendary stories from his days as a Game Ranger and Wayne's years growing up in the wild, to some of their close encounters as Big Game Professional Hunters.

Experience their expertise in hunting Elephant, Buffalo, Hippo and Crocodile.

We will take you to the wilds of Namibia's famous Zambezi Region and to Mozambique's best hunting concessions for the ultimate free-ranging Big Game Hunting we have to offer.

All Big Game Hunting is done traditionally on foot. 

There is no better way than following up on an old Dagga Boys fresh tracks or tracking an Elephant bull for miles.

Rifle and Bow Import Requirements

  • A hunter may bring a maximum of two rifles and 80 pounds per calibre may be imported

  • Minimum calibre for dangerous game is 375

  • A temporary import permit must be completed for all rifles and ammunition

  • An application will be sent to you by us or it is obtainable at the airport

  • No permits needed for Bow

  • For more info on Bow and Rifle requirements CLICK HERE

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