In 2014 the Caprivi Strip was renamed the Zambezi Region, swapping the name of a German governor for of one southern Africa's Great Rivers. There are 13 regions in Namibia, but of these only, the Zambezi boasts 6 ethnic tribes – Subia, Yeyi, Mafwe, San, Tortela and Mbukushu.

Amazingly, they have adapted a Zambian language – Lozi – as a common medium of communication. The Zambezi Region is also the only region that shares its borders with 4 other countries – Angola, BotswanaZambia and Zimbabwe.

The regional capital is the town of Katima Mulilo, which is located on the Zambezi River. There are no other major towns in the area, although it is fairly densely populated and travellers will encounter numerous villages.

Another huge draw-card is that the Caprivi is surrounded by 4 perennial rivers – Chobe, Kwando, Linyanti and the mighty Zambezi.

For years this area was the domain of the South African Army – wildlife suffered as a result but with soldiers long gone, wildlife populations have recovered. These waterfront areas combine riverine forests with vast wetlands, attracting over 600 species of bird, 4 of the big 5 (less rhino) as well as boasting 4 National Parks – BwabwataNkasa RuparaMudumu and Mahango.

Nearly 200 kinds of flora, shrubs, trees and fruits, complement the wildlife and amazing geography.

Caprivi Strip, German Caprivi Zipfel, long, narrow extension of Namibia
Caprivians catching fish 
Kwando Sunset
Aerial view of the Caprivi Strip
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