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Namibia is one of the very few politically stable with multi-party democracies in Africa today.

Namibia has a surface area of 823 144 square kilometres, four times the size of Britain, larger than Texas and twice as large as Germany.

The country has many contrasting landscapes. From the Namib desert (OLDEST DESERT IN THE WORLD) to the water-filled areas in the North East.

Namibia only has a population of approximately 2,500 000 people.

Tourism is a major contributor to Namibia, creating tens of thousands of jobs directly or indirectly and servicing over a million tourists per year.

The country is a prime destination in Africa and is known for ecotourism, which features Namibia's extensive wildlife.

There are many lodges and reserves to accommodate eco-tourists. Sport and trophy hunting is also a large and growing component of the Namibia boasting numerous species sought after by international sport hunters.

In addition, extreme sports such as sandboarding, sky diving and 4x4ing have become popular, and many cities have companies that provide tours.

The most visited places include the capital city of WindhoekCaprivi StripFish River CanyonSossusvlei, the Skeleton Coast Park, SesriemEtosha Pan and the coastal towns of SwakopmundWalvis Bay and Lüderitz.



  • Rain falls during the summer months from December to March. It is unusual to get rain between April and November

  • Temperatures vary between 20 degrees Celsius (69 F) and 6 degrees Celsius (43 F) during June/July

  • Summer months can have daily highs of 28 degrees Celsius (82 F)


Visa Requirements

  • All visitors must have a valid passport.

  • Travellers from the following countries are exempted from Visa Requirements: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA.

  • Visitors, however, are advised to confirm Visa Requirements with their agents.

  • For more information CLICK HERE

Rifle and Bow Import Requirements

  • A hunter may bring a maximum of two rifles and 80 pounds per calibre may be imported

  • Minimum calibre for dangerous game is 375

  • A temporary import permit must be completed for all rifles and ammunition

  • An application will be sent to you by us or it is obtainable at the airport

  • No permits needed for Bow

  • For more info on Bow and Rifle requirements CLICK HERE

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