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Waiting for the rains

By Wayne Cilliers

I can't believe the year has gone by so fast.

It was a wonderful and eventful year where some great memories were created.

If you don't know already Namibia is going through an intense drought. Everyone all around Namibia including the fauna and flora has been affected by this disaster. "Yes," I call it a disaster because we as Namibians have never seen our land this dry. Many have and still, are busy driving in tons of feed for their livestock and wildlife. Tons of feed have been driven in from South Africa as well as Namibia has started to deplete their stock.

Many have been lucky enough to receive donations. Its been tough for some farmers as their finances couldn't keep up with the demand for feed for their animals.

On a positive note, the rains have come and more has been predicted for the upcoming rainy season. We are all waiting in anticipation for that sweet smell of new fresh rain.

The one amazing thing about Namibia is when the rains do come the land transforms into something magical.

We are starting to see green shoots of grass and the trees are all turning green on our Ranch. The feeling of relief is definitely starting to show as our animals are more dispersed and feeding like they should.

We are staying positive and believing more rain will come our way.

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