Sandveld Game Ranch, Zambezi Region and Mozambique are the areas we have available for hunting opportunities

Sandveld Game Ranch

All the species below is what you will be able to experience on Sandveld. You will have the opportunity for at least two of each species.

Caprivi ( Zambezi Region)

Wildlife in the Caprivi Strip is varied with 4 out of the Big Five game present. The border of Botswana, Zambia and Angola are unmarked, so animals move seasonally from area to area through unfenced National Parks. As well as the Big Game, you will also see a variety of the Antelope species, such as Lechwe, Roan, Sable, Tsessebe, Reedbuck, etc.


Mozambique also has 4 of the big five present as well as a number of plains game species some of which do not occur in the Caprivi such as Grysbok, Nyala, Red Duiker etc.

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