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Bow Hunting was officially legalised in Namibia by The Ministry of Environment and Tourism in 1997. Since it was legalised Allan Cilliers Hunting Safaris, formally known as "Ha Nore" Safaris, was one of the first Safari Companies in the Northern Region of Namibia to develop and operate bowhunting only areas.

We still possess the finest bowhunting areas in Namibia. Our multiple references, articles published in bowhunting magazines, books written and videos made are proof of our success. 

We have over 20 years of bowhunting experience, with 160 000 acres of top free-roaming hunting, it is a bow hunters paradise. We created bow only areas for the bow enthusiasts. 

There are 14 different bow hunting blinds situated all over Sandveld. Ranging from pit to elevated blinds that are spacious enough for traditional archers or compound archers. Bow shots ranging from 7 - 20 yards.

Our speciality is tracking down game with the JU/Hoansi Bushman. Hunting with our trackers is an experience that cannot be explained in words. Their knowledge of tracking, veld skills and animal behaviour is remarkable.

Bowhunting in Namibia is truly an experience for any hunter.

Come and join us for your first Bow Hunting Safari.

Rifle and Bow Import Requirements

  • A hunter may bring a maximum of two rifles and 80 pounds per calibre may be imported

  • Minimum calibre for dangerous game is 375

  • A temporary import permit must be completed for all rifles and ammunition

  • An application will be sent to you by us or it is obtainable at the airport

  • No permits needed for Bow

  • For more info on Bow and Rifle requirements CLICK HERE