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Allan started his career as a section ranger in Etosha National Park in 1978. His work generally entailed, wildlife monitoring, anti-poaching, problem animal control, game capture/translocations and maintenance of installations in his sections.

During this time he was stationed and developed numerous other parks in Namibia such as Waterberg Plateau Park, Kaudom -, Mahango  Game Reserves and Caprivi strip game park now known as Bwabwata National Park. He was also responsible for establishing a game guard system, public relations and anti-poaching.


In 1986 Allan was promoted to chief warden of Etosha National Park.

After an interesting and successful career as a ranger, he eventually resigned in 1993 and started his own safari company.


He mainly concentrated on photographic safaris and hunting of plains game. In 1998 he obtained his first big game concession, namely the East Caprivi.  From 2001 - 2005 Allan purchased a 60 000 acre private game ranch. where he mainly conducted Bow hunting of plains game and traditional Leopard hunts.


In 2006 - 2007 Allan was successful in obtaining the Kwando concession hunting area in Bwabwata National park where he successfully hunted big game for 2 years.

In 2009 - 2010 He hunted Huge elephant trophies up to 90lb in East Kavango.

2010 he also obtained a conservancy concession, namely Salambala conservancy in East Caprivi. The big game hunting here was done by his son Wayne.

Allan Currently resides on Sandveld Game Ranch where he conducts plains game safaris as well as Leopards Hunts.


Wayne was born in 1985 in Etosha National Park where he grew up with the Heikom bushman.

Here he was introduced and taught the art of tracking, animal behaviour and survival by these incredible people.

In 2005 Wayne qualified as a Professional Hunter and was then the youngest qualified Professional hunter in Namibia. He started full time hunting on the ranch and other big game concessions for the last 14 years.

Wayne's knowledge of the bush was further enhanced by the skills of our !Ju haonsi trackers. Wayne is also an enthusiastic wildlife photographer.

In 2010 Wayne managed and did all the dangerous game hunting activities in Salambala conservancy located in the East Caprivi.

Over the years he has honed his bowhunting skills becoming a fine traditional bowhunter. He has a strong connection to the bush that any true hunter would understand and respect.

Wayne currently manages and does all of the guiding on Sandveld Gamer Ranch. Together with his !Ju Hoansi they will make sure to give an unforgettable African hunting Safari when comes to bowhunting or Rifle Hunting.

If you are looking for a tailored Big Game Safari, Wayne will be happy to help make that dream come true. 


We have competent staff members that are employed by us from the local community. Sam & Vicky are from the Herero tribe. Sam has been employed by us for over 16 years now. He started out as our gardener, but now you can come and experience his excellent skinning skills. Probably the friendliest people you'll ever meet. Our Bushman trackers consist of  Andreas & Bonnie. They are from the Vaskela Bushman Tribe.  With excellent tracking skills that you won't be able to find anywhere else, except in Namibia.

Our cooks have been trained by Jacqui Cilliers, therefore only the best Venison dishes will do.

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